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Professional certificate in network engineering

Course : Professional Certificate in Network Engineering 
Awarded by : i-Connect
Duration : 3 Months/ (1.5 Months)
Time : 3hours-Classtime/ (2hours-Classtime)
Class Days : Saturday Only/ Sunday Only/ (Monday to Wednesday)
No Modules
1Introduction to Computer Network
2OSI 7 Layers
3Identifying Network Components
4Identifying Network Components
5Understanding Ethernet
6TCP-IP and IPV4 IPV6 Addressing
7Peer to Peer Network
8ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)
9Introducing Wide Area Network
10Introducing Wireless Devices
11Understanding Cloud Computing and SDN

Bonus Courses

VirtualizationMicrosoft MCSA Exam Course
Understanding VirtualizationAD Server (ADDS),
Installation Type 1 and Type 2 Hypervisor (VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V)Gateway Server (Lan routing),
Installation Virtual Machine and Guest OSFile Server, (NFS and iSCSI)
Managing Type 1 and Type 2 HypervisorDHCP Server
Virtual File SystemNAT Server
Virtual Networking (Installing and Configuring Virtual Standard Switch)Web Server(IIS)
Virtual Machine Management (Clone, Snapshot and Template)DNS Server
Virtual Storage SystemVPN Server,(PPP & L2TP)
Remote Desktop Management for Infrastructure
WDS(Window Deployment Server)
Printer Server